We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to diminish poverty in developing countries by inspiring, supporting and promoting enterprise and contributing sustainably and equitably to local and world trade.


Traidlinks an organisation that works within the private sector to deliver export capacity and international trade development to individual small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

It partners with Government institutions which assist companies in developing export trade (Rwanda Development Board- RDB; Uganda Export Promotion Board – UEBP; Burundi Investment Promotion Authority – API).

Traidlinks also implements Government policy in the commercial trade sector with emphasis on delivering and developing exports for the programme companies. It mentors and delivers capacity on an individual company basis to develop their products to meet export requirements and to find suitable export markets; training and consulting to the companies and Government staff and institutions engaged in foreign trade.


Traidlinks plans to develop export capacity programmes across five countries in East Africa – Uganda, Rwanda, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi and Tanzania.

The organisation also aims to create a consultancy arm to service NGOs working in the private sector, to inform them on relevant information gathering institute programmes, legislation, and related issues.


Completed studies with our partner Vanguard Economics on trade related activities in Rwanda and DRC.

Traidlinks also conducted a mapping of women-owned businesses, undertook a needs assessment and capacity strategy for women-led SMEs in Rwanda, developed a Borderlands Programme in Eastern DRC, and mapped trade flow for potential export sectors, including a feasibility study on warehousing and cross border markets in Bukavu, DRC.


The organisation developed it strategy to focus on three broad headings being of activity:

  • Enterprise Development and Enhancement
  • Agricultural Supply Chain
  • Institutional Capacity Building

Traidlinks work is supported by The Irish Government, Trademark East Africa and Tullow Oil.

An Enterprise Centre and Agri-Supply Chain programme is established in the Hoima District of the Albertine (Lake Albert) Region of Uganda.


Traidlinks commenced its MarketLinked Programme in partnership with the Ugandan Export Promotions Board (UEPB) to support companies seeking to export their products.


Traidlinks opened an office in Kampala, Uganda to oversee the organisations expanding role and scope of activities in that country.


Traidlinks formally began its Business Mentoring Programme whereby the organisation facilitates the development of African businesses through the provision of specialist technical skills and business development expertise.


Traidlinks is founded, after the Irish Government challenged the business community to become involved in overseas development, and the Private Sector Forum for Development (PSFD) is formed.





Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil Plc was founded in 1986 and has since grown into a leading multinational oil and gas exploration company with interests in both Africa and Europe. Tullow Oil supports the Hoima Enterprise Centre and the Traidlinks Agro-Supply Chain Programme.

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Trademark East Africa

TMEA plays a key role in the advancement of the East African economy. It pursues the goals of increasing market access in the region through enhancing the trade environment and product competitiveness.TMEA shares these goals with the Traidlinks MarketLinked Programme and provides financial support to our programmes

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Irish Aid

Irish Aid is a Governmental programme to reduce poverty and hunger in the developing world. It works on behalf of the Irish public through initiatives that support long term development and provides humanitarian assistance in over eighty countries. Irish Aid provides Traidlinks with financial support for development work.

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